Schedule & Booking Equipment (en)


Update COVID-19:
- From the 16th of June 2020 we re-open to the public in the usual schedule.
- The space is temporarily limited to 3 visitors and every one that is interested in visiting needs to previously reserve by e-mail or book the equipment in this site.
- We implemented a Guide of Measures of protection against COVID-19 where every equipment is regularly disinfected and it is mandatory to use a personal protective face mask.  


Every Tuesday & Thursday from 10h to 18h:
- Come visit us to see what we can do for your project (pre-arrangement necessary from 16th June 2020).
- Autonomous usage of equipment for experimentation and prototyping is free of charge.
- Production of commercial projects will always have costs. Look here.
- The preparation of files has costs of usage as well. Look here.
- You are required to document your process and results here.

Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays:
- We are open only upon reservation of the equipment.
- The usage of equipment always has costs which can be seen here.
- You can also hire our FabLab team to find solutions for your projects.

How does it work?
1. Bookings are subject to confirmation. Book in advance.
2. Please refer to the equipment page, accordingly to know more.
3. Bring your own materials, or you can pay for the materials used.
4. Usage of our equipment or spaces is always at your own risk.
5. Fablab Lisbon can not be held responsible for any production flaw.
6. Prices mentioned do not include the usage of materials or VAT (IVA).
7. The lab is for experimentation and prototyping, not production.
8. Fablab Lisbon reserves the right of admission and usage of equipment.
9. Architecture models are always considered Production projects.

The production or commercial projects will always have costs of usage.
Check here the Costs Page.
Experimenting and prototyping is free of costs in some equipments every Tuesday & Thursday. 

To the booking application [here]
Happy bookings!