ROAD SIGN / FabLab Lisboa

My task was to create a design of road sign which tells people how to get to FabLab Lisboa by walk and by car.

Requirements:  Make it simple-easy to read and keep same style of FabLab’s communication design that was developed some time ago.



- Cut black matt vinyl sticker on Silhouette vinyl cutter 
- Cut transparent white 5mm acrylic plate in the shape of elliptical frame first on Big Milling Machine. (the size of the plate was bigger than the allowed at the laser cutter)
- Use transfer tape to keep vinyl stickers together.
- Paint with white spray.
- Screw it to the wall.
- Be happy cause you’re done!


Placement: Mercado do Forno do Tijolo – Intendente0.070.080.09


For further information about the construction process, take a look on our previous post.

Design: Matej Zbončák, Bernardo Gaeiras

Production, Photography: Matej Zbončák