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We’ve decided to make our version of Fab_Skate and followed the instructions in www.diyskate.com and Fab_Skate from FabLab Barcelona

Our goals were to learn the process of 3d milling a mold and to molding the wood sheets to reach the skate’s final form. The final step and goal is to do a laser engraving in the board’s bottom which will be challenging due to the board’s concaveness.

Mold’s profiles and documentation here:



1. Designing the mold in 3D
With the documentation available in diyskate.com, we had to gather all the mold’s profiles and take it to a 3D software, where we would model it in order to get the files for 3D milling.

Captura de ecrã 2014-12-26, às 16.19.21

2. 3D Milling the mold
After the 3D files were ready, we’ve got help from Rishi Vader from FabLab Lisboa to get them ready for the milling process. Our mold would be made of several glued MDF sheets. The process of milling both bottom and top sides of the mold took us approximately 7 hours.


3. From wood sheets to a skateboard
With the mold ready it was time to finally get the shape of the board.

We used 6 plywood sheets for the board making it 12 mm height. We learned that we should have the sheets cut in both orientations so we could cross the wood fibers in order to get more resistance in the board. After having the sheets glued together with wood glue, we pressed the mold for two days using clamps.

The result is shown in the images below.


4. Final shape
After having the final piece of wood for the board it’s time to get the shape out of it.
We used a profile from a ordinary skateboard and then we cut it using a jigsaw. With the final shape finally done it was time to get the truck holes done and try it!

JMFU1121 JMFU1127 JMFU1174 JMFU1184

5. Laser engraving
With the skateboard finally shaped we decided to go further and do a laser engrave in the board. We used the laser cutter from FabLab Lisboa and we had to push the boundaries of the machine!
The skateboard was a bigger then the machine’s bed and also curved which forced us to engrave the board by parts.

First we engraved the center of the board and then the nose. In order to get the board steady and level we used equal pieces of wood to raise the board as pretended.

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Title: Fab_Skate
Client: Fabrica Moderna
Concept: FabLab Barcelona
Design & Illustration: Fabrica Moderna & Ricardo Xavier
Production: Fabrica Moderna
Project team: Vasco Cosme, Rodrigo Franco, Ricardo Xavier
Photography: Jorge Matreno
Materials: MDF, Plywood, Wood glue
Dimensions: mold – 830x255x116.2mm Skateboard – 810x195x12
Techniques: 3D milling, molding, laser engraving