Our partners at StartUp Lisboa, the very successful local business accelerator, hired us to develop and produce the concept for the 1st edition of their yearly awards.

The concept proposal for the Up Awards combines 3 factors:
1. Any company that is based in StartUp Lisbon is growing and rising higher.
2. The name of the award ceremony – Take Off = going up!
3. We found “hidden” the shape of the trophy and its pedestal in different colours in Start Up Lisbon’s logo.Drawings-composition3

- Cut and engraved on GCC Mercury II Laser Cutter
- Glued and screwed together, manually assembled (used finger edge joints with a 0.65mm Laser Cutting Kerf – Beam Width)colagem33


Final Models:
- There are 3 different colours representing the 3 existing Start Up Lisbon facilities. IMG_0422IMG_0546IMG_0456IMG_0535IMG_0561


The award ceremony took place at StartUp Lisboa Take Off event at the Lisbon’s Airport Business Center on November 13th, 2014.
More photos of the event can be seen here.



The UP AWARDS concept was developed, designed and produced all in FabLab Lisboa. Thanks to our hard-working intern: Matej Zbončák!

UpAwards_logo_2.0Title: Up Awards
Client: StartUp Lisboa
Concept, Design, Production: FabLab Lisbon
Project team: Bernardo Gaeiras, Matej Zbončák
Materials: Acrylic Glass (fluorescent and opaque), Acrylic glue, screw
Dimensions: 150x120x50mm.
Techniques: Laser-cut, Laser-engraving, finger joint edges.