Test production run – “Game Aids” Project

This is an update to the first “Game Aids” project news from 19th of February 2014.

With the precious assistance from Fab Lab LX the game aids project has developed further, this time we have created more pieces for several games and did a small production run to test the receptiveness of the public to the concept and products.

This first production run was a valuable experience with a lot of lessons learnt about running this (slightly) bigger project. It was harder than expected and had quite a few hurdles to jump through, most of the hurdles were surpassed and this first production run was mainly a success!

First feedbacks from the public are very positive, we will see what the future holds for this project.
Below are some of the pieces present if this first test production run, notice the scale of these pieces on the photo with the ruler:


CRW_0066 CRW_0054 CRW_0190